Nestled beside a wheat field (at least most years), in Middle Georgia, our family has farmed this land for over 100 years! But what we do with our wheat is not much different than what they did with wheat 100 years ago.

We have a stone mill that grinds our Georgia Grown wheat into flour! This is the purest form of “whole grain” flour. You won’t find this in a grocery store. The “whole” grain of wheat is milled into nutrient rich flour. You can purchase fresh milled flour for yourself, school, or restaurant.

But we don’t stop there! We also teach you how to bake with nutrient dense whole grain flour so you can have a healthy, whole grain lifestyle! We discovered the benefits of this personally over 15 years ago. You can attend a demonstration class, schedule a Bake Shop in your home, or have a private consultation.

We sell many all-natural products that are not easily accessible. We carry these products to help you maintain a whole grain lifestyle. We also sell the equipment and other supplies you need to be a healthier you! =Our Products are available at Keona Wellness in Cochran, GA.

Although whole grains are an important aspect to optimal health, it’s not the whole equation. Fruits and vegetables are essential to complete the equation. Our hectic lifestyles, make it difficult to get our 9-13 daily recommended servings of RAW fruits and vegetables. I have discovered a product for my family that puts over 25 fruits and vegetables in our bodies each day! Click here to learn more about JuicePlus+.



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