Novice’s Guide to Nutrition

You know what you need to do but do you get overwhelmed with the vast amount of information that’s out there concerning health? And when you read about health and wellness, because a lot of it is so conflicting, maybe you just don’t do anything because you don’t know who’s right or who’s wrong. And really, who does know? Everyone has an opinion and there are plenty of fads and diets out there!  


We will spend a few hours eating a nutritious meal, discussing practical nutritional information with real-life application. I will share my health journey of what I’ve learned and how it relates to the Bible. You will engage, taste, and walk away with a tangible plan to help you choose nourishing food.  

 Class includes a meal; engaging discussion; notebook with worksheets, recipes, and meal plans; 5% discount for market shopping (applies for night of class only).  


If the Bible is the “plumb line” for your Truth, this is the class for you! Health is a journey. This class is a step to learning, or unlearning, what is healthy. Let’s walk together, learn from each other, and encourage so we can experience a vibrant life in Christ Jesus! 


Cooking Camp

Children who attend “Young Chefs Cooking Class,” will be taught healthy food habits based on our philosophy of “Nutrition from the Source.” The “Source” is God’s Creation. Verses, or passages, that support our philosophy will be taught throughout the classes. That means we promote eating foods that God has created and getting as close to the point of nutrition as possible.The USDA’s current “Food Pyramid” is called “My Plate.” Each cooking class will expound on the 5 different food sources on “My Plate,” except for the 5th class on Jul 30th. That day, the children can invite parents, or other loved ones, to Back to the BASICS 101 to eat a meal prepared and served by them. (Parents/loved ones meals are $10 per individual.)Each of the 5 classes will build on each other with one class a week. We are offering 3 age groups so your child can experience quality, one-on-one training. We want small classes so your child can have the best experience. We are also limiting each class to only 8 students; so don’t tarry!Class will consist of approximately 1-hour instruction. That instruction will incorporate biblical, nutritional, basic cooking skills and kitchen safety. The remaining time will be hands-on learning and each class will end with them enjoying their own culinary creations made from scratch.Allergies: We will be using nuts, seeds, grains, dairy, and flour.