Getting Back to the Basics

Our family headed back to the basics over 20 years ago when our children had health issues. God healed our children of asthma, and ADHD tendencies, by giving us wisdom to treat them nutritionally. That made us realize that when we get back to the basics of eating God’s “manna,” His Creation, we will experience health and healing. 

Because of that experience, we slowly transitioned to “real” food. One of our main sources of “real” food was grain-rich foods. As a family, we would grind grains into flour for baking purposes. An opportunity in 2012, started our business milling the wheat we grow into flour for school systems. In addition to schools, we also used the fresh-milled flour to make homemade baking mixes which began our wholesale business. This first step in our business, provides living flour that helps others get as close to a wheat field when eating baked goods from our fresh-milled flour products in our homemade baking mixes. 

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