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Nourishment from the Source  

Welcome! We’re glad you are here inquiring about our online membership for women. We’ve compiled FAQs to help you better understand our online membership. 

How it all began: The name of our business, Back to the BASICS 101 has meaning behind it. BASICS is an acronym for “Brothers and Sisters in Christ’s Service.” Our mission statement is: “When we’re saved, discipled, and healthy we can experience the abundant life Jesus talks about in John 10:10.”  

In the beginning stages of the business, I was milling wheat into flour for school systems. I couldn’t see how that was fulfilling our mission statement. Then I created Homemade Baking Mixes and sold them wholesale to retail partners. Still, I knew my mission, but was unsure how I was fulfilling it. I continued creating new product lines to help others get Nutrition from the Source.  I even opened up a retail store on our property back in 2018, hoping that would be the place to fulfill my mission. But that didn’t work out. 

Although our business model and methods have evolved over the last 9 years, our online membership will finally be the place to fulfill the calling. A place where our team will work together to equip Sisters in Christ’s Service to be healthy and whole, so they are able to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength (Mark 12:30), thus fulfilling our mission.  

What exactly is the purpose of this membership? In very general terms, our goal is to equip women to walk in the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ. Freedom comes first through salvation in Jesus Christ. Then discipling is an intentional decision to do life with other believers so we can be “sharpened” as we walk in the freedom we have in Jesus. And our health needs to be like Isaiah 53:5 prophesied years before Jesus came to earth: …”He was beaten so we could be whole.” Whole, (Hebrew 7965), “Shalom,” in this verse means completeness, soundness, welfare, peace. That’s exactly what we are led to do. We want “Shalom” for you. In specific terms, we want to nourish the WHOLE you; body, mind, and spirit. Not just physical health, but spiritual and mental health too. This is holistic health.  

Who is the “We” behind this membership? Our online membership for women is accomplished through a team effort. Our frontline team includes myself (Ginger) and Lexi.  

Our team includes a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has been trained in all things nutritional. But you don’t want the advice of any RDN. There are as many differing nutritional opinions as there are differing diets. Find out more about Lexi and her health philosophy here.

I have been practicing health and wellness for almost 30 years. I’ve recently been certified to be a Revelation Wellness Instructor. Between the recipes, lifestyle, and faith-based workouts, I hope to offer physical health through nutrition and exercise-all based on a biblical approach. 

So, between the 2 of us connecting all that we do to the Word of God, we feel we can nourish your body, mind, and spirit, since our “plumb line” is not another opinion, but all based on the Gospel of Jesus through the Word of God.  

We have other team members behind the scenes that support what we do: Kathy, Madison, and Megan. All of us hope to offer what you need to equip you to walk in freedom through Jesus Christ.  

What if I’m not a Christian. Is this a good option for me? Being a Christian is not a requirement. However, all that we do is based on the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If this does not offend you, please, come, do life with us! Every woman is welcome! 

Are men allowed? We are a team of Christian women and want to keep the freedom of talking freely about women’s issues. Our focal group is women, not co-ed.  

Do I have to live locally? No! Over the years we have met many women we would love to minister to and help them experience the abundant life Jesus talks about in John 10:10. But not living near each other inhibited that from helping them holistically. Nourishing their body with our products was a step toward holistic health, but now we will be able to provide support to nourish the mind and soul/spirit too…no matter where you live in this world! 

How will this membership offer holistic health? Holistic Healthcare Practitioners view people wholistically as body, mind, and spirit. As someone who has practiced nutrition as a lifestyle for 20 plus years, it’s “easy” for me to offer nutritional help. I’ve shared what I’ve learned with many, but have never had an intentional “place” to help them holistically. Let’s face it, if a woman is nutritionally sound but doesn’t operate with the “mind of Christ” (sound mind/mental health) or doesn’t know the Father through a relationship with Jesus Christ, she’s not healthy and WHOLE. Or what if a woman is a powerhouse woman of God but physically her body is a mess? And if she’s physically out of balance, it most certainly affects her mind also. In these scenarios, she’s not able to experience the abundant life Jesus talks about in John 10:10. Therefore, she’s not healthy and WHOLE. When we are wholly nourished, body, soul, and mind, we are free! Freedom is what Jesus came to bring us. Freedom from bondage of sin; bondage of addiction; bondage of ______, you fill in the blank. What weighs you down? We believe Jesus is the answer and wants us to lose the weight of what weighs us down so we are free to love Him wholistically: heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

Speaking of weight, will I lose weight being a part of this membership? What we offer is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. It’s not another opinion or scientifically proven method (but in all actuality, it probably is scientifically proven). There are many opinions out there on health and wellness. There are plenty of “programs” and “quick fix” methods to lose weight. You won’t get that here. You won’t hear us encourage a diet or exercise. What we do promote is nourishment and moving our bodies. We will bring you encouragement through community, resources, and application to eat what God has created. We have found, through personal experience, that when we eat His Creation, we become the number on the scale we were created to be. 

The “mind” is a big component of whole health… but will focusing on mind/brain health lead us into science-based information that doesn’t line up with the Word of God? Neuroscience is catching up with what God has ALREADY provided in His Word. We’ve learned that “you are what you think,” BUT we can “renew” our minds, as we’re told in Romans 12:2. Our membership will be a place with ample opportunities to renew your mind so you can operate in the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16).

Aren’t New Age practices entwined with holistic health? A lot of times, “Holistic Health” dips into variants of New Age philosophies. Our research is based on Christian resources whose foundation is to the Word of God. We will use these resources to provide content and even do book/Bible studies.

What, specifically, will the membership look like?  

  1. A progressive “program” has been written for the “Body” portion of the membership. You can jump in and go at your own pace, or you can follow along wherever we are in current time. Either way, it is a guided program.  Although this is written for a limited period of time, you may find that you didn’t get it all the first time through, so doing a “repeat” is not a bad idea. There is a LOT of content, and most of it is written, so you can go as fast or as slow as you choose/need.

    • The focus for the first 3 segments is Roots. Each segment focuses on inflammatory foods that could be root causes of disease. We’ve created replacement recipes for you to enjoy. 

    •  The fourth segment’s theme is Pruning; where less is more. We provide recipes to keep you nourished during your busiest season, and we invite you to consider areas of your life that may need “pruning.” 

    • The theme of the next segment is Nourishing. These recipes promote nourishment through satisfying salads – aka not your normal salads! These recipes are slam-full of fresh veggies. 

    • The next theme is Maintaining. We’ll provide specific tips, tricks, and recipes to help you maintain a nourishing lifestyle. 

    • The final theme is Harvesting. You’ll learn raw recipes and how to utilize seasonal produce in meals. 

    NOTE: You will have access to ALL the video recipes in the archive or you can do a guided recipe video each week.    

  2. In regards to the “Mind/Spirit” portion, there are daily “tidbits” or “snippets” to help nourish those components of your being. Also, during most times of the year, there is a book or Bible study that you can join virtually or in-person!

  3. We have a Facebook page for interaction. 

  4. When members are available, we have monthly Zoom calls to stay connected and “do life together.”

  5. On occasion, surveys are sent out to help you evaluate your progress with your body, mind, and spirit.

Want more information on our online membership? Email us here!