As God
Created It

We believe in nutrition that comes directly from the source. We are Christians. As a family of faith, we look to God for answers. Among other nutritional options, we sought to learn more about whole grains. As we researched, we went “back to the basics.” If God created it, we ate it. When our children were little, they were both diagnosed with asthma. As we continued with a healthier lifestyle, both our boys were healed of asthma! Also, my oldest son, who had ADHD characteristics, became more focused and calm.

As we learn more about whole grains versus white flour (processed foods), we realize that what we consume is not only bad for us, but it is making us unhealthy. People who stopped eating wheat products due to wheat/gluten, allergies or sensitivities, are able to consume our fresh milled flour and get the 35-40 nutrients our bodies need! You, too, need the nutrients provided for us through whole grains. Let us help you incorporate grains into your life. You will also see positive results when you eat TRUE whole grain foods.