Welcome to Back to the BASICS 101! We’ve been in business for 9 years producing products that bring you “Nutrition from the Source. We believe in getting as close to the point of nutrition so you can get all the healing nutrients God has available for us in His Creation, aka “REAL” food. God’s Creation is “the Source” we refer to in our logo, “Nutrition from the Source.”

Wanna know what made us like this? Learn about Our Story on the above video.

Back to the BASICS 101 now offers two opportunities to be nourished:

1: The 4 product lines we create


2: An online membership for women

Whether you get Nutrition from the Source through our 4 product lines or get Nourishment from the Source through our online membership, we are pointing to “The Source.” The Source in both cases is the Creator of all. We either point to His Creation through the products we produce, or we point to Him through a truly holistic health approach offered in our online membership for women.


Store and Market

We are passionate about creating and producing nourishing products that provide convenience without compromise.

We have 4 different product lines that give you “Nutrition from the Source.” We also carry other products that have met our standards and we consider them superior products.

If you’re local, shop at the Market and/or Store.

If you’re not local, shop at the Store.

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Online Membership

We are launching a brand-new online membership for women. This membership provides a holistic approach to nourishing the whole person-physically (body), mentally/emotionally (mind), and spiritually (spirit/soul). All these aspects affect your overall health. Being “malnourished” in one area affects the other areas.

The logo for this new membership is called “Nourishment from the Source.” If you also believe that wholeness comes through our Creator, God, we invite you to learn more about our online membership.