Back to the Basics 101 Member Community: Nourishment From The Source



Mind & Spirit

Originally, we had the “mind” and “spirit” portions divided into two separate units. However, after much prayer and consideration, we decided to combine the two areas because we found that the content for both was merging together. As we feed on the truth of the Word of God with our minds, our spirit is nourished. And as our spirit is communing wit and surrendering to the Father, our minds are also being renewed. In merging the two, we don’t want either to be neglected. Our prayer is that you will see the importance of attending to both, while also seeing that God, in His wisdom, has made them intertwine beautifully. This is why you will see two separate videos below.

All the daily icons are pertinent, but, if you can follow it in order, it was written to be progressive. It starts with laying a foundation. Then we build on it each day, week, throughout the year.  


Our theme this quarter is ROOTS. Watch the above video to gain insight from from us regarding how, as believers, we CAN get to the ROOT problem with the “stinky thinking” that affects our minds. We can overcome through the power of the Word of God!

Once you’ve watched this video, watch the spirit video, then click on the first icon for progressive information.

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Continuing our quarterly theme of ROOTS, watch the video above as we discuss “symptoms” (aka fruit) we exhibit that indicate the health of our spirit. In this component of our being, we WANT inflammation in our spirit; we want our spirits to be enflamed!

Once you’ve watched this video you can begin the daily “tidbits” on the icons below. However, there’s lotsa meat in both of these videos, so you may want to revisit them. Regardless, below there are icons (one per day) for mind/spirit nourishment. Savor the message; let it marinate in your mind and seep into your spirit. 

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